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Tove Frank Halo Poster

99,95 €
Temporaneamente esaurito
Diritto di recesso per 90 giorni
  • Spunta di selezione
    Carta di alta qualità, opaca
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    Fabbricato in Svezia
  • Spunta di selezione
    Carta resistente negli anni
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FSC - Carta proveniente da fonti responsabili
FSC - Carta proveniente da fonti responsabili
Sostenibilità nel cuore

Tove Frank

We are extremely proud to be a retailer of Tove Frank's fantastic photographic art. Tove Frank has been an active photographer for many years, and says herself that she grew up with a camera in her hand. Thanks to her profound passion for photography and art, Tove creates unique expressions that permeate all of her pictures.

Tove's pictures are light, emotive and often include portraits of women. We are offering a select range from Tove's collections Essence, Vapour Yarn, Dreams and Wishes, and Gipsy Circus.

Ispirazione wall art